Maximise your Phone Battery Life in X Easy Steps

Smartphones help us out in our daily lives – like mini-computers in our pockets, we can do a lot more than just text and call with them these days. There’s more or less an app for anything, making smartphones essential for keeping connected with the world around us.

But with great technology comes great responsibility to ensure that your phone battery life can keep up with your endless phone usage. The good thing is, phone batteries these days are made of lithium-ion which makes it easy to charge as there’s no set time needed to wait until – that means no waiting until it’s drained to charge it back up to 100%. And because these batteries can’t be removed from your phone, you need to make sure that you look after your battery. Dead battery = dead phone.

  1. Conserve your power

The biggest thing you can do to maximise your phone battery life is to cut your overall energy output. And that’s actually really simple. All you need to do is go into the phone’s setting and place your phone on low battery mode, and it cuts out any apps running in the background, cutting all unnecessary attributors to a drained battery. Placing your phone on airplane mode conserves wide-scale energy too – shutting down all connections to Bluetooth, WIFI and signal reduces the number of jobs your phone needs to do.

  1. Disable raise to wake feature

Most iPhones have the ‘raise to wake’ feature and in most cases it’s super convenient, but it’s also a drain on your phone battery. Whenever you lift your phone up to use it, your phone uses a lot of battery power to pop the screen up through motion alone.

  1. Don’t have your screen too bright

Phones these days are super powerful, with screens that are crystal clear and far from pixelated. But while it’s putting less strain on your eyes, it’s also having a major effect on your phone battery life. In order to conserve battery, reduce the brightness of your screen.

  1. Update your apps

As apps develop, they get more efficient. And we’re not just talking about a better user experience. They also learn how to be more energy efficient with every use. So to make sure you’re getting the best efficiency, make sure you’re updating your apps regularly. But don’t set them to automatically update – you want to be in control of when you decide to use your battery power.

  1. Don’t let your battery life reduce to 50%

Better said than done, having your phone run on empty damages your phone battery the most. Small supplementary charges throughout the day are more efficient than one long charge overnight, so if you’re out and about ensure that you keep a battery pack with you to prevent it dipping past 50%.

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